Family Discipleship: Rebuilding the Church on a Relational Theology
In this study, Christopher C Hooton lays out the biblical and theological groundwork for family ministry. Relational ministry, worship, discipleship and intimacy with Christ are shown to be available and effective for children in the context of their families.

Parents as Spiritual Directors: Fostering the Spirituality of Early Elementary-Aged Children
In this paper, presented at the triennial Children's Spirituality Conference in 2012, Christopher C Hooton examines how the ancient practice of Spiritual Direction might provide a missing element to the spiritual formation of children.

Three Chairs Spiritual Direction Model
A companion to Parents as Spiritual Directors, this presentation shows how a spiritual direction ministry can be formed to help families in a local church.

Evangelism and Relationship
Following in the vein of Family Discipleship, Christopher C Hooton explores how evangelism would work in a church and family committed to relational theology.

Prayer tools

Night Prayer for Families
A night prayer liturgy for families adapted from Benedictine Daily Prayer

Adapted from David R Hensen, this is a great prayer to pray with the family at the start of a new school year.


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